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The CLPS-6009PI offers all the features of the CLPS- 3009PI and adds power selection on each port. Also, the CLPS-6009PI handles 10,000 amps the toughest power inserter surge suppression ever made available to the CATV industry, Developed and patented by Cable Innovations, the CLPS-6009PI is a full 30 amp. self- contained, surge suppressor / power inserter.  
CLPS-6009PI  Power Inserter/Surge Suppressor
Trunk passives  Amplifiers  Fiber nodes
Wherever a power inserter is needed and where power direction is required.
Solid state 10000 amp Sidactor surge protection Overvoltages taken off center conductor (patented) Superior Grounding
Solid wall fencing around power port Solid wire center conductor Power Selectable