Each unit is voltage tested before leaving our warehouse
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Developed and patented by Cable Innovations, the CLPS- 3009PI is a full 18 amp. self- contained, surge suppressor / power inserter. The CLPS-3009PI combines the latest surge suppression technology ( Sidactor®) with Cable Innovations patented design to create the toughest surge suppressor ever built.  When used in conjunction with the CLPS-3009 (where needed) it will virtually eliminate overvoltage related outages.
Trunk passives  Amplifiers  Fiber nodes
Wherever a power inserter is neededd.
Solid state 5000 amp Sidactor surge protection Overvoltages taken off center conductor (patented) Superior Grounding
CLPS-3009PI  Power Inserter/Surge Suppressor
Solid wall fencing around power port Solid wire center conductor